Friday, September 16

The Metaphorical Fish Bowl

My Husband and I are thinking about moving to the forest. Getting out of LALA Land.

Maybe the cabin will be our "metaphorical fish bowl"...

We shall see.


It's not that I don't love you blogger, I do. It's just, well, it was late, it was easy, and it was available.
I thought that I would only stray once in a while, but before I knew it, I was there EVERYDAY.
But what we have is special, and I am willing to try again.
YOU TWO COULD EVEN BE FRIENDS...I am not going to choose. I love you both.

Here's my Tumblr page.

My tag line:
stuff I do, things I see, places I go, people I like- you know...
that sort of thing
Kinda says it all. Because I AM interested in philosophy, AND cooking AND social justice issues,AND urban beekeeping AND feminism, AND music... and photography.

And everytime I TRY (I doooo try) to just have a "photography" blog it merges with the whole me, who reads Mother Jones,jumps up and down with Tony Robbins and loves musicals too.

SO, what to do?
I'm just going to go with it.
I am just shouting into the void anyway, right?

Speaking of shouting into the void, but with *GASP* an actual purpose and theme...check out my friends blog about her year of yoga.
YUP, she named her blog, Madonna Arms. Should be funny and inspiring. I am looking forward to her updates.

AND, (hey it's #FF), Remember 30 seconds ago when I said I was interested in urban beekeeping? It's because of these two upstanding citizens who started
check them out, and help us legalize urban beekeeping in Mar Vista/Los Angeles.

That's ME in the jacked-up bee wings. Look at that, I'm taking pictures. See, I told you I was interested in photography.


Saturday, September 10

lean into the discomfort...

" I am interested in some messy topics, but I want to make them not messy..." I love this...

Wednesday, June 15

Vanishing of the Bees - Trailer from Bee The Change on Vimeo.

Last night we went to the Mar Vista Community Council meeting to support the Backwards Beekeepers
and our friends Rob and Chelsea and others
in their efforts to legalize beekeeping in Los Angeles. I am happy to report that the Council voted unanimously to start a feasibility study to do just that!

Click *HERE* to read the beautiful statement presented to the council by Rob.
If you haven't had the chance, I urge you to see the documentary: The Vanishing of the Bees

Thursday, June 9

Leftover Cuties:) LOVE 'EM
This video was made by the talented Chelsea McFarland, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for introducing them to my ears in the first place.

Tuesday, May 11

yellow me

, originally uploaded by selfphotoselfme.

sooo, I set up a flickr spot to share :)
love love love
a camera, and
have been
blast with it...

A little poetry, a little art, and a lot of random.